Saturday, December 12, 2009

Logan is Two!

Today is Logan's birthday! We are excited for him to turn another year older and wiser! Though he already outsmarts me sometimes I am excited for him to continue to grow!

Things I love about Logan...
-Tries to sneak his binky out of his bed. We made a rule that he could only have his bink in his bed, sometimes in the morning when I am working on my emails I will see him casually walk into his room and bolt out with a bink in his mouth. I can tell that he is thinking that he totally outsmarted me!
-Loves to help cook, clean and do my kid normal? I cant do a batch of laundry without him helping put the clothes in the washer, splashing the water around and closing the lid. He knows how to pull and set up my step stool in the kitchen so anytime I attempt to make anything he is right there wanting to stir, pour and mix. When I sweep or vacuum he has to hold onto the handle, this makes it take at least twice as long but it is totally worth it! I hope this never changes!
-He is a outside boy through and through. When it is too cold or I am working he loves his rocket! I think it is so cute when he will come and ask me for "more rocket please". Sadly I probably let him watch too many episodes a day but he is perfectly happy!
-His hands, sounds weird but they look and remind me just of Trent's hands and papa Smith's hands. They are a little more than half the size of mine witch scares me that at the age of 7 he will be able palm a men's basketball. (Trent thinks its a good thing) Big, squared fingers, strong, and I love holding them!
-His funny personality. He thinks he is the funniest kid (and most of the time he is). He can make me laugh over the dumbest things. We love to sit and laugh together!
-His size! I had a guy ask me the other day why my four year old wasn't talking...I replied back to him that he was still one. I have to remember that Logan is still so little in age but huge in size! At his 18 month check up he was in the 90% percentile for his head, 95% for his weight and off the chart for his height. I cant wait to see where he is now...We will know this next week for his two year check up.
-I love when he wants to come and sit on my lap! He is not a cuddly kid and never was. The times he does want to sit and hold sitll for a minute is my favorite!
-Most of all the love and the joy he brings to our home! I can't imagine life without him, he is at times difficult when throwing fits but I sure love him! I can't wait for him to grow and be such a great example to his brother and people he meets. His unwavering personality will be perfect for the tough challenges he will need to face later in life and I will always stand by his side no matter what! I am so blessed to have this sweet child of God in my life!


leah said...

So sweet Andrea, isn't it amazing how much you can love your own child and see all of the incredible things about them - every little detail. I love it. He is such a sweetie. Happy Birthday Logan!