Friday, December 18, 2009

A Crazy Day!

Today was quite eventful! We had Logan's 2 year check ups, I had to make a last minute dash to See's candy distribution center in SLC, hosted our work Christmas lunch, dropped presents off to sister who is leaving out of town tomorrow, dashed home to get ready to go again to the Smith family Christmas party, Logan seeing and liking Santa from a distance, NOT close up, home again to clean and finish wrapping gifts!

I guess it is just the time of year, this year I feel a bit more prepared! Gifts are bought, wrapped (90% of them), and making all kinds of holiday treats! Sadly Trent doesn't really care for treats so either I end up eating them all, taking them to work or giving them away!

Logan's appointment went really well! He is in the 95% percentile for his head, 97% for his weight and about 115% for his height! I don't know how you can get over 100% but I guess it is possible!

At the Smith family Christmas party no one really asked if I was pregnant! I feel like I look huge but it may be in my head. The one person that did ask was Trent's uncle...a bit weird. He asked when the big day was, I almost pretended that we didn't have a "big day" and made him feel bad but I felt a bit nicer and told him. Still funny that the uncle would say something.

If you need help wrapping gifts let me know...I am a bit addicted to wrapping gifts!

This baby must want me to write something because he is kicking like crazy! Baby #2 says hi!


Karryn and Roger said...

Big Huge congrats. Miss all your family. Hope things are going well.

argylesocks said...

Hi baby number 2. I can already tell that you are cute. It's in your genes.