Thursday, December 10, 2009

2 year photos

So I decided to get Logan's photos taken before it snowed for this 2 year birthday photos! Jefra Starr Linn did such a great job! She has an awesome unique style that fits Logan's funny personality! Here are a few of my favorites! I think the second photo looks a ton like Trent.

Thanks to Jefra for doing such a great job!
I am working on his birthday decorations, hopefully I will have a few sneek peak photos up soon! I had planned for about 6 months to do a friends party with some of the kids in the neighborhood. I cant make the excuse that it creeped up on me because I have known for the entire year when his birthday is. Trent talked me out of a big party until he really wants it! It is probably smart. I still have the themed decor ready to go and I will be decorating for my sweet Logan and his special day!
YIKES I have a 2 year old!


leah said...

He is so cute- and handsome!