Friday, April 23, 2010


What happens when you leave your two year old alone...THIS!

I walked into my bedroom from feeding Carter downstairs to find that Logan had stripped everything off my bed, brought his own bedding into my room and managed to find a pack of gum in Trent's nightstand. He ate the entire pack, I think there were only 2 pieces that had been eaten from it before Logan got his hands on it.

I am sending Trent and Logan away to camp for the night. I am hoping that the after effects of eating an entire pack of gum will come when they are away.


Laura-Lu said...

Congrats on the new addition Andrea! Sorry about the gum, though. Take care!

leah said...

Um my kids do that all the time. I dont think it effects them that much. Somehow?

Eliza said... did I not know you had a blog? Maybe cause I'm a blog slacker which has led to me being less of a blog stalker. :)