Sunday, May 23, 2010


I went back to work when Carter was 2 weeks old. For the fact that we had a major trade show to pull off and we still had a ton to do! I am lucky enough to have a work environment where I was able to take Carter along with me.

When Carter was 5 weeks I left him and Logan to play with Dad while I was working in New York. I was a bit nervous about how everyone would fare with me being away. This is why I am so lucky. I came home to a boy who missed me, a baby that looked a good two pounds bigger, a happy husband and a clean house.

Most husbands and dads wouldn't put up with taking care of a 5 week old and a two year old. Through the week away I got texts from neighbors and friends updating me on the daily walks Trent would take with the boys, the going to church adventure and letting me know how lucky I am to have Trent as an awesome husband and dad!

I love him even more for loving my sweet boys the way he does.


Margaret said...

I tell you what... that is hands down amazing! I don't even trust myself with a 5 week old baby, let alone a toddler and a house to look after. Trent you win the prize.