Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So hard to choose!

So our baby sister Sarah is getting married in two weeks. Not only will I be seeing everyone from my growing up years but I will be 36 weeks pregnant! I do not blame Sarah for choosing this date. I will only look like a fat cow standing next to all of my 95 pound sisters.

I decided that I needed some new shoes to draw attention away from my huge belly! I just cant decide what color. What do you think. I have a black dress.

Either way I think it is a win. I think these shoes would look cute with jeans as well!


Amy Foushee said...

I would go with the black one. I'm so happy to find your blog...It's me Amy (Harrison)Foushee, from way back when. I have a blog too and if you would like to see it please email me at ckfamy@q.com and I'll send you an invite. Congrats, on baby 2...and please tell Sarah, Hi and congrats for me- Thanks Amy

Karryn and Roger said...

the black would be more versatile. :-) congrats on number two and congrats to Sarah on getting married. Will you please give everyone hugs from me? I miss you guys. (Karryn Dahl)

Livingstone Family said...

Black is always more versatile, but gray is "in"!
And is also versatile. I always like stand out shoes,
so I'd go for gray!

leah said...

I am loving the gray. And dont you worry I am far from 95 pounds!

argylesocks said...

You looked so great at the wedding. And I am way more pounds than Leah, who claims she is more than 95 so don't even worry. At least your weight is in your cute belly and not everywhere else like mine.