Sunday, March 14, 2010

My babe!

So for years I have always called my baby sister Sarah, Babe. I think for many years to come she will still be called that (she may hate it but too bad)! Well this babe got married this weekend! We were so excited for her to step into the next step in her life and settle down (not sure how much settling will happen).

This is a classic photo of Sarah, laid back, easy going, funny, and hip with red pumps for her wedding. This photo was taken after the snow/rain storm outside after they came out of the temple. I think I would be upset, stressed, and mad that it was bad weather on my wedding day. With Sarah, not a care in the world!

Things Sarah loves!!!
-Valentines gummy hearts from BYU
-On the fly adventures...I am very different where I like to have things planned!
-Blankets and lots of them
-Rock Climbing, kayaking, hiking, really anything outdoors
-Making art! All kinds, canvas paintings, pottery, jewelry, long boards
-And now Jordan!

We hope he enjoys our crazy, funny, disfunctional family, because he is stuck with us!


leah said...

We are not that dysfunctional.
I love that pic of sarah too. when she got sick Marg said we have to know she has 6 moms and that is so true.