Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why is it so hard!

I have the hardest time posting on my blog! I look (blog stock) many blogs, I love to leave comments on others blogs but cant seem to get my self posting about my own life/family. If Logan would hold still for a second I may have to snap a photo and put that up at least!


leah said...

I am glad to see you posted even if there aren't any pics!

argylesocks said...

It really is hard. I have gotten better but I am with you on this one. You are always welcome at our blog even if you haven't posted.

Riddell Family said...

Check out my blog... I think that the last thing I put on there was Halloween! Chris has been posting in my absense! I an to OCD to fix it! I want to put everything on; but since I have missed so much I want to catch up before I move forward and therefore nothing gets done... maybe when I'm in the rest home! :)