Sunday, May 17, 2009

5 Mile Pass

Yesterday Trent, Logan, Trevor and I went 4-wheeling! It was so fun! Today I am a bit sore from holding Logan (especially when he fell asleep) but it was well worth it! We rode around for about 3 hours, just enough time to feel like you have eaten a cup of dirt. I made sure that Logan was properly lubed with sunblock and of course I didn't get my self. Today I am a bit red, needless to say I will be rubbing the sunblock extra heavy next time!


argylesocks said...

That looks like a blast. Logan is adorable. Let us know if you are going again and are willing to let us bring the jeep. We can put the boys in the back in car seats so you don't have to hold Logan the whole time.

leah said...

so fun. hope your sunburn goes away quickly!

Zoe and Dustin said...

that looks like so much fun! what a tough mom for holding logan!!