Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bear Lake

Right before school started we headed up to Bear Lake with Trent's parents, little sister and brother. The guys spent the mornings fishing and the girls went shopping and eating raspberry shakes. We ate dinner at the Pickleville playhouse and spent some time playing games and playing at the beach. I had never been to Bear Lake and I was so surprised how clear and blue the lake was.

The only problem was that Trent and I got food poisoning the night we headed up. After throwing up a few times I felt better but Trent was sick for another day. Next time we will not be eating in Logan on our way up...if I could only remember where we ate I would advise everyone to stay away!

Here are a few pictures of our good times. Sadly most of my photos corrupt. Guess we will have to go back to get some more!


leah said...

looks like a blast.