Thursday, March 27, 2008

3 1/2 Month Pictures

I found a lady that only does baby and kids pictures. I had her take Logans 3 1/2 month pictures. She sent me a preview picture and I cant wait to see the rest of them. Her name is Michele Reyes. If you are looking to get your kids pictures taken I highly recommend her. She has changed one of the bedrooms in her home to a photo studio and does an awesome job! She has tons of patience witch is perfect for taking kids pictures! Her website is Check her out! I will post some more when I get the high rez CD from her. She includes one with the sitting cost!


leah said...

He is stunning, what a darling handsome boy. I love it. I will have to check her site.

Riddell Family said...

Andrea, he is so handsome! I can't believe how big that he is getting! Cute pics!