Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bath, Bum, Bumbo, and Boobs

Lately Logan is showing off his cute little personality. Every time I get him in the bath or when I am changing his diaper he will smile, giggle and coo at you. He loves it! He loves to be involved in everything when he is awake and loves to look around. I sit him in his bumbo and he entertains himself staring at his hands or looking around the room.

Today I was getting ready to feed Logan. Trent and Logan were talking back and forth and in the middle of his coos all the sudden he said boob! Trent looked at him shocked and we both started laughing and couldn't believe that he actually said that. I am sure Logan will get teased the rest of his life about his first word being boob.


leah said...

Boob, you are in trouble. That is so funny.