Saturday, October 16, 2010

Super Powers

I was driving in the car to good ole Walmart when I heard...

Logan: Mom, I have a super power.
Me: Oh you do? (thinking I don't think we have ever watched or read something with super hero power's).
Logan: Yes!
Me: What are your super powers?
Logan: Healthy and Strong!!
Me: Those are great powers. (Trying not to giggle)!

So I guess saying prayers is working for something. Whenever Trent helps Logan with the meal prayer he blesses the food that it will make us healthy and strong.

Logan is a crack up!


leah said...

That is really funny. What a clever boy you have.

argylesocks said...

That is awesome. I want the super power of sending sassy text messages to rude drivers. Things like "good one buddy, cutting three peole off got you really far!"

Logan has me re-thinking my wish.

Margaret said...

He is so cute! Has he ever seen yo gaba gaba? They sing all sort of cheesy vegetable songs... he can give them a new topic to sing about!

Elizabeth said...