Friday, February 5, 2010

M&M Factory & Las Vegas

We needed a good break especially before this baby comes. Packed up the car and headed down to St. George for the weekend. It was nice to have Trent's parents come with us as well as Jacki & Trevor.

Logan loved watching Jacki's I-pod. One day I will put movies on mine so he can be entertained. We laughed at how much he loved the I-pod.

Saturday we headed to Las Vegas. The boys went to the BYU vs UNLV game while the girls and Logan went shopping. After the game and shopping we met up at the M&M factory. Logan loved the maze and loved the M&M's. Once we got done there we split up for dinner. The girls went to the new Serendipity restaurant and the boys went for steak.

It turned out to be a fun adventure. Next time I WILL bring a stroller. I was tired of carrying a 35 pound 2 year old around all day!