Monday, June 1, 2009

He Went To Nursery!

So yesterday I decided it was time to send Logan to the nursery! He isnt able to go in until the 12th of June but I was READY! Being in primary I talked with the president and she gave me the go ahead.

He did so well! He cried a little at first but the three times I went to peek in the window he was playing with the other kids and having a great time! YIPEE, I dont have to drag him to my primary class anymore. I dont have to have my primary kids be distracted by a baby walking around the room making funny faces at the kids! I dont have to worry about trying to handle a row of 4-5 year olds in sharing time with a 18 month boy who is full of energy!

I do have to take the treat to nursery next week! Nice of them to ease us into primary! Any suggestions?


leah said...

YEAH! That is so great. I am so glad it went well. Its actually really nice.
He is so darling.

argylesocks said...

Hooray for nursery. I am so glad he did good. And now church will be so very peaceful, I completely know what you mean about a primary class and a baby. Bless your heart.