Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School

All the neighborhood kids are headed back to school. I have a good two more years until Logan will go to school. I am already excited for him to go but I will tell you one thing. I will bawl like a baby when he goes. Reading friends and family blogs I get teary eyed over their kids! I am going to have some major issues. I should start therapy now!
We have had a great summer and I am even more excited for fall with our boys! I love when the weather gets a bit cooler and leaves start changing. Stay tuned for a mass update of our summer soon!
Logan is getting big and talking like crazy, Carter is such a happy and sweet baby! He is a good 18.5 pounds at 4 1/2 months. He is our chunk! We sure love these sweet boys!


argylesocks said...

You and me both. I am considering not letting them ever go to school. I think I will make them stay younger than 5 for the rest of thier lives. I guess it's my kids that will need therapy. Happy Birthday.

leah said...

I am happy now. Kayta was excited at first and I was sad but now she wants to stay home and it gives me a little satisfaction. Enjoy those 2 years! They are going to pass way too quickly.