Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A New Chapter

As I write this post I have a mixture of feelings.

After a little over 6 years for working for QuicKutz I was laid off my job. QuicKutz has struggled financially for a long time and with QuicKutz being purchased it should hopefully lead to the QuicKutz Inc and the Lifestyle Crafts brands surviving.

The last few days has been hard for me. I have lost a good part of what I do in my day to day life. I will really miss the company, the people, the market, stressful times, and the travel. I wish the best for everyone still there that will still need to weather the upcoming storms with an aquistion process.

I have gained some of the very best of friends from working at QuicKutz and the things I learned there come unmatched to anything I have ever done in my life.

For now, I plan to take the boys to the summer movie every Thursday, to the pool, the park, the zoo, and practice some photography on them. So if you are board and need to get out, I probably need to as well so give me a ring and lets play!

I do plan to try to find another job oppurtunity so if you hear of anyone that needs a marketing, trade show, event type person have them give me a call.


arisa said...

what a big change! i know it's a hard transition, but i bet the pool will help!:) let's do something fun in all your free time!

Livingstone Family said...

well, big change for me having you around during the day. i'm always up for something fun ... wanna get a pass to thanksgiving point with me?

leah said...

Andrea what sweet boys you have I love the pics below. I am sorry about quickutz - I know its probably a big change and adjustment. Your boys are probably so glad to have their mama to themselves. Let me know when you are heading out next and we will have to meet up with you. xo

argylesocks said...

Otto and I were just looking at pictures of the fam on thier various blogs and when I showed him one of the pictures of Carter, he just said, "cute mom." meaning baby Carter is cute. I cracked up.

Margaret said...

Andrea, I can understand your mixed emotions! You are unbelievalby talented and I am sure you feel a bit betrayed... but I am sure that there are better things coming your way! Heaven is watching out for you, and soon you won't even miss all of the "excitement", you will feel blessed to be in a new space.