Sunday, November 29, 2009


I know that this is a late post, better late than never! Logan loved Halloween, he loved trick or treating, dressing up and eating all the treats! Here are a few photos of him enjoying himself that night!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Baby Boy!

Today we announced that we are having a baby boy to our family at Thanksgiving dinner! We just found out yesterday that we are having another boy! I am so excited for Logan to have a brother to play with and that we don't have to invest in tons of girl clothes. I am a bit jealous that there is about double the amount of girl clothes than boy clothes.

There are lots of things to be grateful for! I am so glad that we can grow our little family by one more precious little one. So grateful for a supportive husband who loves me no matter what and will do ANYTHING for me. I am go grateful to have a happy (most of the time) and healthy Logan who has plenty of energy to go around. The list goes on. I think I need to sit down and count my blessings and be grateful more but I am sure glad to have so many blessings.

I made a shirt for Logan to wear that said "My Mom's having a Boy!" By the time I took it off him half of the letters were peeled off. So sorry there is no photo with this post.

21 weeks and counting! I am due April 12.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grow Family

I got to take some photos of my sister and her kids this last week! Leah is to talented and thoughtful! She brought darling red gerber daisies to match clothes, a cute car and had the perfect pose in mind! She didnt care if the kids were looking at the camera or not. This was easy to keep kids happy and saying in place. I am still practicing but I sure love it!

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Cook...

Lately Logan has been really good at helping with anything he can. Putting the laundry into the washer, sweeping, picking up his toys, helping load the diswasher, etc.

Today I was making some pasta for lunch and he helped pour in the noodles into the pan. A few minutes later he watched me stir them and leave the fork on the counter by the noodles to cook. Next thing I know Logan has pulled out the step stool, slid it right in front of the stove, climbed up and was stiring the noodles. Apparently they needed to be stired! I love watching him grow into a super smart kid!

Luckly I had my camera close that I could grab a few photos before I pulled him away from the open flame!